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For the dedicated pop music fan, a series of fascinating musical histories from the UK's leading pop music storyteller.

You've read the weekly columns, so now enjoy the full-length year by year chart history books.

The Chart Watch UK - Hits Of ... books are a lovingly crafted encyclopedic account of all the artists and hits to reach the UK Top 40 during each particular year. Artist by artist and single by single, the annual story of pop music is told in the same manner which has kept weekly readers of the column enthralled for over two decades.

Hits of 1988  Hits of 1989


Chart Watch UK - Hits of 1989

In the latest volume to be published, read the stories behind the biggest hits of the final year of the 1980s. Find out how Madonna upset an entire nation with her video, but kept her sponsorship money anyway; just why The Bangles fell apart mere months after their biggest ever worldwide hit; why did Black Box change the voice on their smash hit record even while it was enjoying a lengthy run at the top of the charts; and how two men from South Yorkshire accidentally stumbled on a merchandising goldmine by licking a medley of other people's hits into shape.

It is the year of Kylie and Jason; of Black Box, Starlight and Mixmaster (all the same person); the year which gave us Lisa Stansfield but also Sonia; and the year that the Happy Mondays and The Stone Roses shared a Top Of The Pops stage and ushered in a brand new musical era.



Chart Watch UK - Hits of 1988

Newly revised, updated and republished is the original volume in the series. Through the artists and hits of the year, relive what would turn out to be a pivotal year in pop music history. Find out how a song sung by a whore in a TV musical became Cliff's biggest hit of the decade; how a charity performance by a soap opera actress turned her into one of the biggest stars on the planet; discover the identity of the man who links Bomb The Bass with S-Express; and which track had no video so had to use a slowed down 20 second clip of someone else's.

It was the year that Britain went House and then Acid; the year a former model recorded her version of a forgotten soul hit and spent the entire summer at the top of the charts; the year which saw no less than songs from the 1960s reach Number One; the year two former Go-Go's had their biggest solo hits; how a technical error meant All About Eve sat around in silence in live TV; and the year that Loadsamoney, Star Turn and even John Kettley meant that novelty comedy records had their finest ever hour.


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