This week's Official UK Singles Chart


After the hectic action of last week, things calm down a little. 10 new entries, 8 climbers and 4 non-movers.


No. 40: NEW ENTRY. Sheep On Drugs - From A to H and Back Again

The first Top 40 hit for the band who have built up a strong student following over the last year, by means of a merciless touring schedule. It'll never pay off into massive crossover success, given that the name of the band sums up really how they sound...

No. 39: NEW ENTRY. Texas - You Owe It All To Me

The second hit of the year from the sophisticated Scottish rockers, to followup So Called Friend which made No.30 last month. Good a single though it is, no way is a sound like this going to sell in large quantities.

No. 38: NEW ENTRY. Almighty - Over The Edge

Yet another in a round of small hits, the Almighty finally get a second hit this year as a followup to Addiction which made No.38 in April. It's their fourth Top 40 hit in all, none of which have ever climbed higher than No.35.

No. 37: NEW ENTRY. Bitty McLean - Pass It On

Bitty McLean made No.2 first time out with his version of It Keeps Raining. For a second single he's picked another cover, this time of an old Peter Tosh song. Only the subject matter makes me doubt it's potential to be as massive as the last single, as inspirational God-rock is not exactly renowned for its commercial potential.

No. 33: NEW ENTRY. Aerosmith - Cryin'

For hit number 3 from the album, Aerosmith switch into power ballad mode and in doing so beat by one place the peak of the last single Eat The Rich. It's still the first time they've ever had 3 consecutive Top 40 hits. Indeed, the last time they had consecutive hits was by virtue of desperation on the part of Geffen records in the UK. After years of trying Aerosmith had finally had a UK hit with Love In An Elevator which made No.13 in September 1989. When subsequent singles from the Pump album failed to chart at all, Geffen in search of a followup reactivated the then 3-year old track Dude (Looks Like A Lady) which peaked at No.20 in March 1990.

No. 27: FALLER. House Of Pain - Shamrocks and Shenanigans

OK, let's clear this up given the row that was generated over my comments last week. House Of Pain have difficulty having hit singles in the UK. The only time they have ever charted was with Jump Around which had to be released twice, making No.32 first time round in October 1992 and No.8 in May this year. Shamrocks... was released last year as the followup to the first issue of Jump Around so yes, does indeed predate the Jazzy Jeff track to which it bears a similarity. It's reissue and subsequent charting though following the success of that track can hardly be a coincidence - it is the record company using every means possible to break their act and is just a marketing ploy. As for who plagiarised who - given that the whole genre is based on plagiarism of the ideas of others and their transformation into new songs, it can hadly be taken as a detraction of the artistic merits of the single to say that it copies from this track or the other. Wasn't the first ever crossover rap hit a remake of Chic's Good Times?

No. 22: NEW ENTRY. Levellers - This Garden

The Kings of the crusty scene score another personal first and have a second hit single from their current album. This Garden is a followup to Belaruse which made No.12 in July and despite being as catchy as the last single, is still unlikely to sell beyond their fan base.

No. 21: NEW ENTRY. The Grid - Texas Cowboys

The abmient twosome formed by Dave Ball (the other one from Soft Cell) score a second UK hit to follow Crystal Clear which only peaked at No.32 back in March. It's thus their biggest hit ever and signals the start of what may turn out to be a mini invasion of records featuring the sounds of spawning whales and very little else with the Orb's seminal classic Little Fluffy Clouds due for reissue and set to chart big.

No. 19: FALLER. Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Relax

Bookmakers in the UK have in the last week opened the book on who is going to be Christmas No.1. Despite the tracks being 9 years old and amongst the bestselling singles ever, Frankie Goes To Hollywood are at 12-1.

No. 18: CLIMBER. Chris Rea - Julia

Climbing to become what is incredibly only his sixth Top 20 hit ever in a career lasting since 1978.

No. 16: NEW ENTRY. Tina Turner - Why Must We Wait Until Tonight

An artist much in the news of note after Prince Charles made the shock announcement in a radio interview last Friday that she was one of his favourite artists. Make of that what you will, but this is her third hit of the year all of which have entered inside the Top 20.

No. 9: CLIMBER. Goodmen - Give It Up

In this day and age, an 18 place climb is a feat in itself. To be achieved by a record that has already made the Top 30 once this year is incredible. Nonetheless, that is what the dance track has done to follow in the footsteps of Jump Around and make the Top 10 on a second Top 40 run. Even so, there were seven months in between the chart runs of Jump Around, Goodmen have done it in less than two.

No. 8: FALLER. Take That featuring Lulu - Relight My Fire

The career of the teen stars continues unabated. Despite having had two No.1 hits already this year, they are 11-10 favourites to be topping the charts at Christmas too.

No. 7: NEW ENTRY. Phil Collins - Both Sides Of The Story

After a solo absence of nearly 3 years, due to the commitments of a Genesis album, Phil Collins restarts his solo career with his highest Top 40 entry ever, with what in all fairness is not the best single he has ever made. The harbinger of a new album next month, Both Sides Of The Story is his first Top 10 hit since I Wish It Would Rain Down made No.7 in February 1990. He's had 20 solo hits altogether and two others as duets. Only 1982's Thru These Walls missed the Top 40.

No. 4: CLIMBER. Dina Carroll - Don't Be A Stranger

It's very rare indeed that the sixth single from an album becomes the biggest but this is the case here, the success catching even the record company by surprise.

No. 3: NEW ENTRY. Bryan Adams - Please Forgive Me

Two and a half years after the biggest No.1 hit ever, Bryan Adams' UK chart status has changed forever. Gone are the days when he would struggle to place a single in the lower reaches of the chart, a new Bryan Adams single is a big event indeed. Thus it is that the first single from his new album makes a huge debut, straight into the Top 3 to become only his third ever Top 10 hit. The cynic in me is inclined to be suspicious at the way the new record appears to be Everything I Do part two but with a power ballad at the top at the moment, who's to bet that this can't take over in a week or so?

No. 1: SECOND WEEK. Meat Loaf - I'd Do Anything For Love

A second week of success for both Meat Loaf and the creative genuis behind the single Jim Steinman. Steinman's inability to make an ordinary record and his insistence instead on making immaculately produced epics has meant at times a virtual banishment to the fringes of the music business. When he does have hits however, the results can be spectacular. In 1983 he revived the long-dead career of Bonnie Tyler and gave her a No.1 hit with Total Eclipse Of The Heart, a record so strong it knocked Michael Jackson's Billie Jean off the top after only 1 week. In 1987 he made the Sisters Of Mercy sound like the best band in the world (no mean feat in itself) and gave them their biggest hit ever with This Corrosion. Now in 1993 he's on top once more as Bat Out Of Hell II climbs back to the top of the album charts once again to make Meat Loaf the first person to have simultaneous No.1 singles and albums since Right Said Fred managed it in April 1992.