This week's Official UK Singles Chart


Busy times again this week, 11 new entries, 10 climbers and 6 non-movers.


No. 37: NEW ENTRY. Marc Cohn - Walk Through The World

Gearing up now for that 'difficult second album' as the cliche goes, Marc Cohn releases the first single. It's only ever his second Top 40 hit, to follow up Walking In Memphis which after two attempts made No.22 in October 1991. For the most part though he will be regarded with suspicion by the British, his other claim to fame
being his outraged reaction to the track Raving I'm Raving by Shut Up And Dance which sampled the above hit and his threatened litigation which restricted its release a little over a year ago and nearly bankrupted the tiny record label which released it.

No. 35: NEW ENTRY. Maria McKee - I'm Gonna Soothe You

The former Lone Justice singer avergaes around 1 Top 40 hit a year, so here is this annual offering. She has been connected with two No.1 hits in the past, her own Show Me Heaven and as writer of Feargal Sharkey's A Good Heart back in 1985. This new single is unlikely to add to that though.

No. 33: NEW ENTRY. Tasmin Archer - Lords Of The New Church

Third release, and third hit for the singer songwriter from Bradford to follow up February's Top 20 hit In Your Care. More uptempo than her usual output, the track is very radio friendly and may well equal the success of her last hit.

No. 32: NEW ENTRY. Jethro Tull - Living In The Past

One they were credited with creating rock with this track, these days they plod along as a set of wrinklies doing very bad Dire Straits impressions. The Tull are still regarded with awe though, hence their new 25 years anniversary boxed set and a re-release of this, their greatest hit which originally made No.3 in June 1969 although surprisingly did not make the US chart until 1973.

No. 31: NEW ENTRY. Bryan Ferry - Will You Love Me Tomorrow

The album Taxi features covers of Bryan's favourite tracks and single No.2 is this to follow up I Put A Spell On You which achieved a Top 30 placing back in March. It's the third version of the classic to chart, the Shirelles original making No.4 in 1961 and a cover by Melanie crashing out at No.37 in 1974.

No. 26: NEW ENTRY. Megadeth - Sweating Bullets

For years they were regarded as one of the best thrash metal bands never to gain any recognition. Recently all that has changed and back they come with a strong new entry of a typically uncompromising but commercial track. Possibly not destined to be their biggest hit ever though, that honour falling surprisingly enough to their 1990 cover of Alice Cooper's No More Mr Nice Guy which made No.13.

No. 25: NEW ENTRY. Tears For Fears - Break It Down Again

Last heard of a year ago when plugging their Greatest Hits with Laid So Low, back spring Tears For Fears, in slimmed down form [Curt Smith had taken his ball home at this point] and on this basis unlikely to ever again scale the heights they did in the mid-1980s with a string of Top 10 hits and two American No.1s.

No. 24: NEW ENTRY. Stereo MCs - Creation

After the mellowness of Ground Level failed to inspire back in January, the Stereo MCs return to what they do best, unbelievably catchy dance-rap. As the 4th single from the album it is unlikely to progress far but should at least give them their 4th Top 20 hit in a row.

No. 22: NEW ENTRY. Suede - So Young

The one track from the album that was in all reality crying out for release as a single. Given the furore over Ebeneezer Goode last Autumn it seems slightly bizarre to these ears to hear a track with a hook of "Lets Chase the Dragon" played all over the radio, whatever the context. Surprising many by entering so low, Suede's third hit will probably be the test to see how far they have crossed over into the mainstream or whether they are merely selling to a strong fanbase. On the strength of their Top Of The Pops performance this week the former may well be true.

No. 16: NEW ENTRY. Louchie Lou and Michie One - Shout

Following the success from nowhere of tracks like Informer and Oh Carolina radio producers have been scouring new releases to try to find the summer's next novelty ragga hit. Well over a month ago they came up with this, with the result that it has been played to death ever since, causing the track to have an enormous public profile by the time it came to be released commercially. The song of course is familiar to many, Lulu based her entire career almost on it after all and Joey Dee's original is one of the classic R&B records of all time. Watch this version go Top 10 easily next week.

No. 14: CLIMBER. Disney Cast - Jungle Book Groove

Showing surprising resilience after a slow start, the Jungle Book mix inches its way up the chart, to match the peak of the almost identical Bare Necessities Megamix from December 1991.

No. 12: CLIMBER. Spin Doctors - Two Princes

Some in America have expressed surprise to me that this track should have taken so long to reach these shores. The best things in life are worth waiting for is all I can say, the song gradually sinking into the subconscious of the nation and destined to cross over even further.

No. 11: NEW ENTRY. Guns n' Roses - Civil War (EP)

It is the dream of every rock band it seems to write a Stairway To Heaven for their respective decade, an epic ballad that will touch the hearts of millions and set you up with a pension for life. Cynical perhaps, but that is the game that is played with Prince's Purple Rain being judged the winner in the 1980s. For the 1990s GnR decided to do it twice. Destined for single release even when the albums came out over 19 months ago, Civil War finally makes it into the Gallup Top 75 but in doing so becomes the first Guns 'n Roses single from the Use Your Illusions not to enter inside the Top 10. It may climb next week but it looks as if their phenomenal run of consecutive Top 10 hits may be at an end.

No. 8: CLIMBER. House of Pain - Jump Around/Top Of The Mornin' To Ya

Eight months after it first peaked at No.32, Jump Around finally scrapes the Top 10. It isn't the only late starter on the chart this week either. Looking down the list it is joined by D:Ream, The Bluebells, Shabba Ranks, Spin Doctors, and Inner Circle as tracks which have been reissued and have been doing better second time around.

No. 7: CLIMBER. Tina Turner - I Don't Wanna Fight

The second track on the chart this week with a Lulu connection (she wrote this one), Tina Turner gets what is surprisingly only her 6th solo Top Ten hit and her first since I Don't Wanna Lose You back in November 1989. The track is taken from What's Love Got To Do With It a new film of her extraordinary life.

No. 2: CLIMBER. UB40 - (I Can't Help) Falling In Love With You

Surprising many by failing to make the top, it still becomes UB40's second biggest hit ever and the second most successful version of one of the most charted Top Ten hits ever. Further life for the track may well be possible following the release in a few weeks time of the film 'Sliver' which makes prominent use of the track.

No. 1: SECOND WEEK. Ace Of Base - All That She Wants

Holding on against the odds for a second week go the Swedish group who by now are getting sick of the Abba comparisons. As I mentioned last week they now rank alongside their countrymen as being top of the alphabetical list of acts to top the charts. They are also only ever the third Swedish act to make No.1 in the UK after Abba and Europe. Talking of Europe too, they are the second continental act this year to make the top, following the success of 2 Unlimited earlier this year. If this trend continues then 1993 may well rank alongside 1986 as the most European year ever in terms of No.1 hits - A-Ha (who may well be back next week), Falco and Europe doing the honours 7 years ago.